Anti-Aging and Wellness Success Stories

"Here is my honest review of my experience as Dr. Harlan Bieley's patient. First I must share, that by the time I got to see him, I had gone through years of pain and suffering and doctors upon doctors to no avail. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you know what I mean. Needless to say… I was skeptical. I had simply tried everything.


It didn't take long for Dr. B (this is how I call him) to invite me in from his waiting room into his private office, so we could get started. He took in my medical and personal history and complaints, in order to analyzed my situation. Thankfully I had a lot of the tests he would have needed in order to derive at his diagnosis and treatment. We proceeded to pull-up charts and diagrams and explain them to me… pointing at the origin and source of my complaints. I was stunned. To him, everything was very simple and fixable.


I took his recommendations seriously, and applied them consciously. The results? Completely restored within 2 months! His protocol worked so well, I had to tell everyone. I proceeded to make appointments for family members, which included my two teenage daughters, who were also sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you know what I mean. ; )


We are all so thankful to Dr. Harlan Bieley for his attention and medical protocols. And for the restoration of our vitality and wellbeing. Full energy and vigor is the new us!"


Fort Lauderdale, FL




"This is the best Doctor who help me with my Mold I was very sick and I though nobody would help me. I am so greatful and so happy. You deserve more than 5 stars (10 stars if I could give it to him).I am feeling better. Thanks Harlan Bieley, MD, MS."

Maria Sarcevich 

West Palm Beach, FL



"Dr. Harlan, I would like to thank you again for your kind services today at your office. I made it home safely after a long drive...God has given you a gift of kindness and I thank you for sharing that with me. I feel I have been blessed today. Thank you again so much for giving your time to help me...God bless you always!

Julia Davis

Ft. Myers, FL 


"I have been working with Dr. Bieley for some months now and this has proven to be a great decision. There is so much in the way of anecdotal 'medicine' or 'cures' that it is pretty hard to wade through it all. On the other hand, the traditional get sick and then we cure t he problem was not acceptable either. I did have fatigue issues and many of the other aspects of aging. At 74, I would like to fell (sic-feel) and perform at something closer to 45, mentally and physically."

"As an engineer, I really appreciate the process of adjusting various intakes and then carefully monitoring the impact with proper lab work. Eliminates the guess work. I feel energetic and mentally perform very well. Just completed some new patent filings that are complex and difficult. Not sure I could have done so before starting these treatments." 

James Hardin

Indianapolis, IN



I came to see Dr. Bieley after suffering from menopausal-related anxiety and general sleeplessness for 7 years. During those 7 years, I sought out various specialists, including my general practitioner and 3-4 different OB-GYN's. I was given various RX's over those years and ended up on clonazepam to ease the anxiety. That was the best they could do. I read with interest all of Suzanne Somer's books, especially those on hormone imbalance. I subscribed to websites for women suffering from my same "disease". I decided that if I wanted to cure myself, I needed to be pro-active. And I found Dr. Bieley.

After an initial appointment, Dr. Bieley ordered various urine, saliva and blood testing. He immediately recommended some supplements for me to take and books for me to read. After all of the testing came back, we met a second time. At this appointment I received a supplement and certain lifestyle change recommendations. It appeared that one of my main problems was cortisol-related. After reading a book about adrenal gland function, I realized that most medical doctors are not trained in cortisol-related symptoms unless severe; many general problems related to sleeplessness, weight gain and anxiety never get resolved at a traditionally-trained doctor's office.

In approximately 3 months, I was sleeping through the night and my anxiety had all but disappeared! While I knew that menopausal hormone balance existed, I frankly couldn't believe that supplements and some minor lifestyle changes could change my entire outlook on life. But they have, and I am living testimony of this.

Thank you Dr. Bieley, you have changed my life.

Lori Anderson


"I was born a 'blue baby' and have had nasty respiratory infections my entire life. I caused an asthmatic reaction by getting chilled for an extended period of time on Thansgiving evening. At 4am I knew I had bronchitis, again. Dr. Bieley prescribed the appropriate medicine plus gave me a list of supplements he insisted I needed to take. Not only am I impressed with his knowledge and passion, I was blown away because my lungs stayed absolutely 100% clear! I cannot thank him enough!"

Laurie Souders                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Maitland, FL 


"Dr. Bieley is a wonderful, compassionate physician who has greatly improved the quality of our son, Mark's life. Mark suffers from depression and anxiety and for years was given one medication after another by physicians who didn't take the time to investigate if there could be a biological reason for his depressed state. It got to the point where Mark was on such a high dosage of anti-depressants (that weren't working) that he was constantly sad and in a fog. Dr. Bieley's extensive information gathering and lab testing revealed several things that very well could be major factors in his depression. He gathered all of the test results and prescribed a custom supplement that contains exactly what Mark's system needed. We have already seen a major improvement in Mark's mental and physical state and want to extend our gratitude to Dr. Bieley."

Kim and Rand Robbins
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

"I have been seeing Dr. Bieley for 6 months now and I feel alive for the first time in 2 years. I was having problems with sever fatigue and could not get help from my GP who did all the usual tests and sent me to all the usual specialists. They all said I was fine and my blood work was perfect, I just didn't feel fine! I would sleep 10 hours a night and most of the day. Since seeing Dr. Bieley and having lots of supplements and a few prescription drugs, I have energy and feel alive again.

I was having all kinds of stomach problems; gas, bloating, discomfort which my regular Doc said was normal. I am a firm believer in Functional doctors and their way of treating the whole body and fixing the problem rather than just getting rid of the symptoms.

Dr. Bieley is a very caring Doctor. He is excellent at returning phone calls right away, spending s much time as needed with me, answering my many questions and calling to check on me.

Thanks, Doctor Bieley for helping me get my life and enthusiasm for living back."

Kitty Perry
Singer Island, FL

"Dr. Bieley is an unbelievably caring and attentive physician. He takes all the time necessary to fully address your complete life health profile. For years as a young child I assisted my father, a dentist, by making dental fillings for his patients.

Because of this work, I was exposed to excessively high levels of mercury. It was Dr. Bieley's testing that finally provided answers to the question of why I felt so sick. The tests showed that my heavy metal levels were three times that of a normal person. Literally, it was a wonder that I was alive. It's no stretch to say that Dr. Bieley saved my life. For the first time in a long time my symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are at bay. I don't know when I've felt better.

An important component of Dr. Bieley's approach is the series of forms he used to question me about my present medical condition, my life and past experiences. The combination of testing and a thorough biography of my medical care and health were his initial keys to success. Dr. Bieley is incredibly tenacious and sincere. From the very first meeting, he gives you hope. Anyone facing a similar situation would do well to see Dr. Bieley. He practices amazing, customized medicine."

Catherine Peters

"I've only been seeing Dr. Bieley for a short while. And, already I am better now than I have been in years. My own Father told me I looked like a walking corpse; such was the level of my fatigue and general malaise. I really felt horrible prior to visiting Dr. Bieley. Physically, I was at rock bottom.

Every other doctor I spoke to said my condition was a product of the natural aging process, and that as a 43 year old woman my experience was normal. From the moment I met with Dr. Bieley I knew I was in the right hands. He told me my total lack of vitality wasn't normal and that he would get to the bottom of it. In just one week, I began to see the turnaround. And, we are still progressing fantastically.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Bieley's combination of care, compassion and passion for his patients. I would recommend him to anyone seeking personalized medical care."

Donna Brown

"I truly believe things happen for a reason and our paths were meant to cross. You have given me the feeling of health, wellness and energy, which I will appreciate forever. I can't measure my appreciation with words. For the first time in my life, I don't feel lethargic during the day. Without caffeine, I have an amazing energy and vibrancy that is new to me. Maybe I was I was sick all my life and just never was diagnosed with deficiencies that you corrected. For the past year, I was extremely sick. I had bloodwork, an MRI, ultrasounds and many other unpleasants test because I was lethargic, had stomach pains and was overall very ill.  After our consultation, in which you spend a long time with me with compassion and understanding, you diagnosed me quickly. Along with feeling well and energetic, I also think clearer and with focus. I always thought I had slight ADD. Thanks Dr. Bieley!"

Jane Rumbaua
Actress, Print model, spokesperson and host.