About Doctor Harlan Bieley

Anti-Aging, Wellness & Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Doctor in North Palm Beach, Florida

My life experience quite naturally led me to do this work. Long ago I had been ill. I understand what it is to not feel well and how that impacts a person's life. I have great empathy for anyone facing these circumstances because I have, to some degree, 'walked in their shoes'. I am passionate about my work and I care about my patients. Caring, by the way, is vital. Caring makes you stress resilient. In a world full of stress, it's nice to discover that doing the right thing for others serves ourselves as well.

The work that you and I will undertake is personalized (not cookie-cutter, one size fits all medicine), comprehensive, and customized to meet your unique biochemical needs. I use the dynamic approach of Functional Medicine (evidence-based, systems biology approach) for assessing, preventing, preempting, and treating you. The focus is on identifying and treating the underlying cause of the problem, not just treating symptoms. You will not be, 'rushed through the mill', and we take the time needed to get it right. I help you to achieve (perhaps exceed?) your realistic goals through a customized care plan designed for you. Thiscomprehensive approachallows foryou to become your best self.

President Abraham Lincoln once said,"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years." If you are hormonally and nutritionally balanced, ecologically sound, have good brain function, loving relationships, and are socially interactive in the world-at-large, the life in your years is of the highest quality. This is the difference that makes all thedifference.

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Master's Program in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine , top of class: